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We currently have some open positions and are generally always looking to work with amazing people. Send us an email with your CV and let us know why you're interested to join us.

The Business Romantic Society creates products, services, and platforms that make business more beautiful. We help leaders and organizations identify and articulate their visions and translate them into transformation narratives, emotionally gripping experiences, and human-centered growth strategies. With a presence in Berlin,  San Francisco, and soon-to-be in Prague, we work with Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, start-ups, and nonprofits in Europe and the US.  


Open Position — Business Operations Manager (contractor/part-time)

a.k.a. Administrative Assistant, Project Manager, and Marketing Wizard

In this role, you will work closely with the founders of The Business Romantic Society and support them in running projects, planning events, staying on top of financial and customer data, and taking over administrative tasks. We’re looking for an all-rounder who is proactive, hands-on, and excited to work in a hybrid role of administrative assistant, project manager, and marketing wizard.

This position presents an opportunity to grow into a full-time employment role. We’re looking for a self-starter who is great with details, well-structured, and an excellent communicator (written and verbal). You should be proficient in English and German, familiar with proper business protocol, and innovative when it comes to finding creative solutions for routine business processes.


  • Experience in a similar role or industry (e.g. start-up, creative firm, agency, etc.)
  • College degree in business, marketing, law, or similar (or student nearing graduation)
  • Experience with managing databases, content management systems and direct marketing tools (like e.g. Mailchimp)
  • Experience with running events
  • Experience with creating basic budgets, P&Ls
  • Proficiency with MS Excel and PowerPoint
  • Proactive self-starter who is both hands-on and strategic
  • Ideally based in Berlin or Prague, or able to travel frequently to one of these places
  • English/German bi-lingual (ability to conduct proper business correspondence, write summaries, present data etc.)
  • Interest in the future of work, organizational design, digital transformation, brands, and change management

Responsibilities include:


  • Manage invoicing process and manage all information for interactions with tax advisors, vendors, and clients
  • Assist with financial planning and budgeting
  • Create sales pipeline updates and run other financial analysis

Marketing & Communications

  • Manage Mailchimp email marketing accounts and other marketing databases
  • Support planning and execution of events
  • Track key marketing analytics and write reports
  • Conduct research for client proposals


  • Assist with booking travel for executives
  • Schedule meetings and manage calendars


  • Serve as project manager on client projects, product development projects, and for our flagship event platform, the annual House of Beautiful Business in Lisbon, plus related events
  • Coordinate vendor and sub-contractor relationships

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