Business, more beautiful.


To transform and thrive in an age of machines.

We create products, services, and platforms that make business more beautiful.



Vision sprints

In a fast-moving, 2-3 month long format, we help you identify and articulate your vision for your organization, brand, or project, translate it into a theory (and story) of change and/or a distinctive point of view, and help you activate it with your colleagues or customers through inspiring, emotionally engaging experiences.

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House of Beautiful Business

Taking place simultaneously to some of the world’s largest technology conferences with a flagship experience during Web Summit in Lisbon, the House of Beautiful Business is a platform for experiencing human leadership and purpose, for designing deeper connections, and for prototyping the future of work.

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Leadership development programs

With building blocks such as learning journeys, visioning and storytelling workshops, TED-style talks, and transformative live experiences, we prepare your (future) leaders and teams intellectually and emotionally for the new world of work.

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Inspirational talks, masterclasses, and reports

We instigate conversations and thought processes with new perspectives on the human future of work, the design principles of beautiful business, or the human-centered use of exponential technologies such as AI, Blockchain, and AR/VR.

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