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The House of Beautiful Business Opens Its Doors in Lisbon to Craft a Humanist Vision for the Future of Work 

From 3–9 November 2018, more than 300 global leaders from across industries, arts, sport, academia, and beyond will gather in Lisbon to explore the humanization of business in an age of algorithms, artificial intelligence, and automation. Speakers and residents include German football World Cup champion Philipp Lahm, State Hermitage Museum curator Dimitri Ozerkov, Harvard psychologist Susan David, WirtschaftsWoche publisher Miriam Meckel, AI4All CEO Tess Posner, business philosopher Kenneth Mikkelsen, Courtney Hohne from Google’s moonshot factory X, and Catalyte CEO Jacob Hsu, among many others.


Lisbon, 9 OCTOBER, 2018—The House of Beautiful Business, a global think tank and community devoted to the union of humanity and technology, will hold its third annual gathering in Lisbon from 3-9 November, 2018.

Bringing together 300 CEOs, founders, investors, scientists, artists, and philosophers, the House of Beautiful Business in Lisbon is a unique space for participants to craft a bold, optimistic vision for the humanization of business and technology. Specifically, it explores how to lead with purpose and passion, build human companies and workplaces, and design for human flourishing in an age of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation.

This year’s House of Beautiful Business will focus on topics such as new work, the role of play in innovation, the art and science of change, emotional agility, “deep data,” and “beautiful AI.” Drawing from multiple disciplines, including the humanities and arts, the House combines the intellectual and inspirational aspects of a conference—with high-profile speakers, talks and debates, evening salons, masterclasses, workshops, performances, and excursions—with the emotional and intimate experience of a retreat. Rituals, community meals served by a chef-in-residence, and social experiments will help attendees to build deep connections. Furthermore, the House will feature musical jam sessions, the pop-up Museum of Beautiful Business by Artistic Intelligence, a Live Lab hosted by Magnum Photos in partnership with the BCG Henderson Institute, a Zen-gardening robot, an AI-in-residence, a football game coached by management thinkers, and more.   

The House’s more than 75 speakers and performers include Susan David, Harvard psychologist and bestselling author; Priya Parker, conflict facilitator and author of the book, The Art of Gathering; Jacob Hsu, CEO of AI-based reskilling and talent development firm Catalyte; Shermin Voshmgir, founder of BlockchainHub and director of the Institute for Cryptoeconomics in Vienna; Kim Nilsson, co-founder and CEO of the data science hub Pivigo; Dimitri Ozerkov, contemporary arts curator at the State Hermitage Museum in Sankt Petersburg; Clare Jones, CCO of what3words; Albert Wenger, Managing Partner, Union Square Ventures; Courtney Hohne of Google’s “moonshot factory” X; Arun Chaudhary, former Obama White House videographer; and transhumanist Zoltan Istvan, among many others.

The House will take place in two locations in Lisbon’s central Sao Bento district: the Dear Lisbon Gallery House, a boutique hotel that will serve as an event and co-working space featuring all-day programming from Monday through Friday as well as on Saturday, and the Academy of Sciences, which will serve as the venue for the Conference of Beautiful Business on Sunday, 4 November.

In a session on “Lessons from the Beautiful Game” on Monday, 5 November, the House will feature honorary German national team captain and World Cup champion Philipp Lahm.

The House will end with a silent party on the evening of Thursday, 8 November, followed by an epilogue on Friday, 9 November: The Unknown—Future of Learning Summit, hosted in partnership with Galp, which will examine new models and practices for learning in an age of exponential change from the perspective and with the participation of global HR, development, and education leaders.

Tim Leberecht, co-founder and co-curator of the House of Beautiful Business, said: “Beauty is exactly what the world needs right now. And there’s no better place to start than business, especially as automation is expected to radically alter our economies. Soon, everything that can be done more efficiently will be done by machines. To thrive, we humans must do our work beautifully—with empathy, imagination, emotion, and a sense of purpose. With the House of Beautiful Business, we aim to develop frameworks, rituals, and practices for a more beautiful way of doing business as key differentiator for companies and critical factor of human flourishing.”

The House of Beautiful Business is produced by The Business Romantic Society in partnership with the BCG Henderson Institute, Galp, T-Systems, Siemens, HERE Technologies, and others.

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The House of Beautiful Business is a global think tank and community founded to explore the human future of work. It gathers a select group of business and nonprofit leaders, founders, technologists, investors, designers, artists, and scientists to explore how to make business more beautiful, specifically how to lead with purpose and passion, build human companies and workplaces, and design for deeper connections in an age of machines. The week-long flagship event was inaugurated in Barcelona in February 2017, before moving to Lisbon for its second edition in November 2017. It is produced by The Business Romantic Society in collaboration with the BCG Henderson Institute, Galp, T-Systems, Siemens, HERE Technologies, and other partners.





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